Akshaya Asokan

Akshaya Asokan

Senior Correspondent

Asokan is senior correspondent for Information Security Media Group's global news desk. She has previously worked with IDG and other publications where she reported on developments in technology, minority-rights and education.

Researchers: IoT Botnets Could Influence Energy Prices

Akshaya Asokan  •  August 7, 2020

Election Security: A Harsh Assessment

Akshaya Asokan  •  August 6, 2020

FBI Warns of Serious Risks Posed by Using Windows 7

Akshaya Asokan  •  August 5, 2020

Boot-Loading Flaw Affects Linux, Windows Devices

Akshaya Asokan  •  July 31, 2020

Israeli Court Dismisses Complaint Against NSO Group

Akshaya Asokan  •  July 14, 2020

DOJ Blasts Apple on Lack of Encryption Backdoor - Again

Akshaya Asokan  •  May 19, 2020

Fresh Ransomware Targets Android Devices

Akshaya Asokan  •  April 29, 2020

Latest Botnet Offers DDoS Attacks on Demand

Akshaya Asokan  •  April 9, 2020

Barr: US Should Invest in Nokia, Ericsson

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 7, 2020

Attorney General Presses Apple to Unlock Shooter's iPhones

Akshaya Asokan  •  January 14, 2020

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